Lucifer's Sword MC: Life and Death in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club (Paperback)

Lucifer's Sword MC: Life and Death in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club By Phil Cross, Ronn Sutton Cover Image

Lucifer's Sword MC: Life and Death in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club (Paperback)


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Find out what happens when Lucifer's Sword Motorcycle Club goes head to head with a badass rival club in this graphic novel from a lifelong motorcycle club member.

Meet Lucifer's Sword Motorcycle Club, a group of hard-riding, hard-living bikers just trying to ride their bikes in the swinging 1960s without being hassled by the man. Turns out the man is the least of their problems. While pursuing mostly harmless fun, the group runs afoul of Satanas Hermanos, a rival club from the other side of town. Before they know what hit them, the members of Lucifer's Sword find themselves embroiled in a bloody club war. As the war becomes increasingly deadly, the club finds that it's going head to head with forces much more powerful than just a rival motorcycle club.

Author Phil Cross, working with illustrator Ronn Sutton and co-author Darwin Holmstrom, draws on real-life experience as a nearly 50-year member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club to bring gritty realism to this fictional story. Says Cross, "In the world of motorcycle clubs, there are some stories so raw, so gritty, so real that they can only be told as stories. This is one of them."

Phil Cross is a former bodyguard, martial-arts instructor, and amateur photographer. A former member of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club, he has been a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club since 1969 and is still active in the club. He is the author of Phil Cross: Gypsy Joker to a Hells Angel, a true chronicle of his life and wild times.

Ronn Sutton is a professional Ottawa-based freelance artist who has worked in comics, animation, illustration, and other related fields. A multiple Aurora Award nominee for Artistic Achievement, he has taught cartooning at the Nepean Visual Arts Centre and has had his work profiled on Life Channel’s TV program Eros.

Product Details ISBN: 9780760346587
ISBN-10: 0760346585
Publisher: Motorbooks
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2015
Pages: 96
Language: English

"Anything has the potential for being turned into compelling comics. Here's another example: "Lucifer's Sword MC: Life and Death in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club," published by Motorbooks. This graphic novel is a fictionalized account of the sort of action that Phil Cross has witnessed as a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club since 1969. I love the gritty straight-forward approach to this book. You're placed right into the action." -

"Phil Cross takes his decades of experience with biker gangs and turns it into a graphic novel that allows readers to take a peek a what it's really like. Lucifer's Sword MC certainly doesn't pull any punches when it comes to gritty realism. Though the story is set in the 1960's, it is a very modern tale of drugs, sex, and fighting to the death. You won't find any sugar coating in the story telling here, and as such readers can expect raw language, nudity, and violence, although they certainly aren't the main focus of the story. Rather, it's a tale of brothers, sticking together through it all. It often comes across a little bit melodramatic and even a little cheesy, but overall it does give readers a sense of both the cameradarie and violence inherit in a life on the fringes." -

"In comics it's hard sometimes to get authenticity -- where are you going to find a real superhero with superpowers? -- but a recent release in the burgeoning biker genre has done that. Lucifer's Sword MC rides on the success of FX's Sons of Anarchy (both in television and the BOOM! Studios' licensed comic), but offers a more raw, and less glitzy, look at the "one percenters." An intriguing story... " -