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We Are Robin Vol. 1: The Vigilante Business (Paperback)

We Are Robin Vol. 1: The Vigilante Business Cover Image
By Lee Bermejo, Rob Haynes (Illustrator), Khary Randolph (Illustrator)
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A modern spin on the original teen superhero!
In a Gotham City ravaged by the Joker, Batman alone is not enough to keep the peace—and just one Robin isn’t nearly enough to back him up. Now, teenagers who want to make a difference are coming together in droves and adopting the “R.” They’re not a gang. They’re not sidekicks.
They are Robin.
When Duke Thomas is recruited by the mysterious Nest to join teens from all different backgrounds and walks of life in the Robins, he hopes that they can help him find his missing parents. Instead, they find something much more nefarious—an underground conspiracy that threatens to bring down Gotham.
Now it’s up to these untrained teen vigilantes to save the city from a mysterious evil force. But being Robin is dangerous. Robins die. Will these new heroes face the same fate?

About the Author

Lee Bermejo began drawing comics in 1997 for WildStorm Studios in San Diego at age 19. He collaborated with acclaimed writer Brian Azzarello on the graphic novels JOKER and LUTHOR, and worked with writer John Arcudi on the Superman feature in WEDNESDAY COMICS. He has also worked on HELLBLAZER with writer Mike Carey and GLOBAL FREQUENCY with writer Warren Ellis. Bermejo has illustrated the covers to the line of Vertigo Crime graphic novels, beginning with FILTHY RICH, written by Brian Azzarello, and DARK ENTRIES, written by Ian Rankin. Bermejo has lived in Italy since 2003.

Praise For…

“…a fresh take…” – Nerdist
“WE ARE ROBIN is a great example of how comics should bring more diversity into the mix…a refreshing storytelling approach.”—Newsarama
“WE ARE ROBIN has all the requisites of a good Bat read.” – IGN
Product Details
ISBN: 9781401259822
ISBN-10: 1401259820
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date: April 5th, 2016
Pages: 160
Language: English