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The Art of John Harris: Beyond the Horizon (Hardcover)

The Art of John Harris: Beyond the Horizon By John Harris Cover Image


World-renowned visionary artist John Harris' unique concept paintings capture the Universe on a massive scale, featuring everything from epic landscapes and towering cities to out-of-this-world science fiction vistas. 

This collection focuses on his wide variety of futuristic art, as well as his striking covers for a variety of esteemed SF authors, including Arthur C Clarke, John Scalzi, Ben Bova, Hal Clement, Jack McDevitt, Frederik Pohl, Orson Scott Card's Enders books and many more.

About the Author

John Harris is a British painter and illustrator, best known for working in the science fiction genre. His extraordinary paintings have been used on book covers for many science fiction authors, including Isaac Asimov, Frederik Pohl, Ben Bova, Orson Scott Card and Jack Vance.

Praise For…

"His absorbing vistas, immense in scale, have graced book covers aplenty, but now they’re getting their own spotlight." - Barnes and Noble

"Science-fiction fans, painters and artists looking to outer space and distant worlds for inspiration?  Well then, make sure you check out The Art of John Harris: Beyond The Horizon." - Retrenders

"His new book provides a fantastic primer for that long and varied career, along with some great insight into his process." - The Verge 

"Since Harris' work is imaginative and painted in interesting ways, this work is worth adding to collections of illustration art fans and those of painters in general." - Art Contrarian

"The striking paintings and illustrations of English artist John Harris imagine a brightly colored, haunting world beyond Earth and even beyond the stars." - Flavorwire

"A very handsome collection." - John Scalzi’s Whatever 

"This is the perfect collection to adorn the coffee table of any science fiction fan." - Geek Art Gallery

"Do not miss this beautiful collection of timeless sci-fi artwork!" -  MuggleNet

"As John Harris has strongly influenced my imagination over the years, I am pleased to see his work presented in a high quality volume at a price that everyone can enjoy." - SF Signal 

"Titan Books has released another fabulous art book of a contemporary science fiction artist. The Art of John Harris, Beyond The Horizon is as beautiful as the images contained in it." - Tor.com

"Your favorite fantastical cover artist, even if you never realized it." - io9

"Breathtaking Paintings." - Paste

"For those who need to get lost in epic science fictions scenes that will capture your wonderment. 10/10." - Adventures in Poor Taste

"If you’re looking for something to set your mind wandering and spark some inspiration, I highly recommend a trip Beyond the Horizon – and take the kids, too." - Geek Dad

"This is definitely something that you should be proud to display on coffee table...You’ll spend hours thumbing through these pages." - Giant Freakin Robot

"Fantastic Sci-Fi art shows you a beautiful, bewildering future." - Wired.com 

"Harris is one of the most recognizable figures in SF art. This book is beautiful!" - Buzzfeed Community
Product Details
ISBN: 9781781168424
ISBN-10: 1781168423
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: May 27th, 2014
Pages: 160
Language: English