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Sophia and Alex Clean the House (Hardcover)

Sophia and Alex Clean the House By Denise Bourgeois-Vance, Damon Danielson (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Why is reading important to your child? Reading sparks imagination, stimulates cognitive development, boosts social skills, and increases communication proficiencies. At Advance Books, we endeavor to connect children to the wondrous world that surrounds them, at home and at school. Our Sophia and Alex series is dedicate to parents wishing to teach their children essential values and attributes conducive to forming bright young minds. Moreover, they're fun to read

In our sixth book, Sophia and Alex learn aspects of responsibility by helping their parents clean the house. They perform chores under their parent's watch, and when all the work is done, they have fun with the family.

Each book from the Sophia and Alex series is also published in multiple world languages with accompanying English parallel text. Strengthen your child's native tongue, build a foundation of English immersion, or teach them a new language. Regardless of the intent, it has been proven that early learners have the ability to easily absorb additional languages during their formative years. Children that carry a second language are found to excel exponentially throughout their educational years.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951827823
ISBN-10: 1951827821
Publisher: Advance Books LLC
Publication Date: April 24th, 2020
Pages: 36
Language: English