New Girl: The Further Adventures of Elinormal (Paperback)

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New Girl: The Further Adventures of Elinormal (Paperback)


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We notice life
A tree, a blossom, a buzzing bee
We are all connected

  Elinor Malcolm is ready for the first day of seventh grade, when a last-minute phone call turns her world upside down, and she misses the first week of school. When she returns, she’s known as the new girl, even though she’s not. In this sequel to Elinormal, Elinor learns all too quickly that people are complicated and relationships take work. Lots of work. As she’s discovering who she is, who she wants to be, and what she wants most in life, Elinor is balancing friendships, old and new. She’s also unraveling her mother’s mysterious past. New Girl further explores the complexity of friendships, the reality of disappointments, and the trouble with secrets.
Kate McCarroll Moore has a background in education. She served as the director of curriculum and instruction for a large school district and was honored to serve as Poet Laureate for the City of San Ramon, California for three consecutive terms. She strongly believes in the power of poetry to transform lives. Currently teaching online writing courses and serving as a book coach for a non-profit organization that connects low-income families with access to high quality books, she has studied with Naomi Shihab Nye, Tess Taylor, Georgia Heard and other poets. Her middle grade novel, Elinormal, is slated for October, 2021 release and the sequel, New Girl: The Further Adventures of Elinormal will release in Spring 2022. Her poetry chapbook, Avians of Mourning, was published in 2020 and a full poetry collection is scheduled to release in early 2022.
Product Details ISBN: 9781952536342
ISBN-10: 1952536340
Publisher: Cross Your Fingers
Publication Date: May 20th, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English
"In New Girl, Elinor experiences heartbreak and joy, and we feel those emotions right along with her. Another beautifully written, satisfying story filled with hope and heart–you won’t want it to end!" —Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic Gold Medalist and New York Times Best-Selling Author

"New Girl is a story that you'll start and won't be able to stop reading–it's that amazing. Kate Moore knows how to teach others about writing, and her own words on the page had me reading and wanting more!" —Adam Welcome, Creator and Host of The School District podcast and author of Kids Deserve It

"Kate McCarroll Moore's New Girl mixes friendship, magic, mystery, and courage into a delicious journey. Having traveled through the delightfully-written chapters of Elinormal's seventh-grade-yoga-and-poetry-year, I feel I've made a new friend through Elinor." —Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Author of Write! Write! Write! and Poems Are Teachers, and host of The Poem Farm blog

"New Girl is a wonderful sequel to Elinormal." —Penny Warner, Author of the Agatha Award-winning Code Busters Club series

"New Girl: The Further Adventures of Elinormal is a beautiful story that captures the bumpy road to adulthood wonderfully. Many young readers will be able to see themselves in Elinor and find hope and inspiration in her story." —Angela Maiers, Author of The Passion-Driven Classroom and founder of Choose2Matter

"This story just stole my heart. I absolutely adore Elinor. She's one of my most memorable characters ever. I really want to get to the other book by the author. I want to know Elinor more. The story talks about family, friends and most importantly about family ties. I would say some readers might find the beginning of the story a little difficult to read as it handles grief and loss of someone near and dear. I find the writing so wholesome and soothing at times. More importantly whenever I needed comfort for the characters and for myself reading the story, the author knows exactly what to do. I really appreciate this." —Tamishly, Goodreads

"I was excited to dive into a sequel of Elinormal and enjoyed this one. I think it does a nice job dealing with challenging parental relationships, and the idea that parents have histories that their children have a hard time imagining. This is a quick engaging read that students will enjoy." —Leigh via Goodreads

"In New Girl, Elinor finds herself missing the first week of 7th grade due to a death in her family. When she returns to school, she has to fit back into her friend groups while being bogged down by curiosity about the mysteriousness of her mother’s past. Elinor works to strengthen the bond between her family and friends with her poetry and hopes to find out the secrets the her family holds." —Emily Waller via Goodreads