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With Flying Colors - English Color Idioms (Spanish-English) (Kobo eBook)

With Flying Colors - English Color Idioms (Spanish-English) By Anneke Forzani Cover Image
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“The Language Lizard Idiom books are ... a teacher’s dream come true!… #1 pick for teachers everywhere. … readers will have a whale of a time discovering new phrases and expressions, while turning pages with laughter and joy.” - Tara Brown, ESL, English & Spanish teacher

What does it mean to have a green thumb?

How do you show your true colors?

Idioms can be confusing, but they help you to understand English and are a lot of fun to learn!

With clever multicultural illustrations, idiom meanings, and example sentences, With Flying Colors explains common color idioms in a way that makes them easy to understand. It's a perfect book to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students.

With Flying Colors includes bonus material to support English language learners and promote culturally responsive teaching, such as links to:

  • English audio of the book
  • Information about the history of the idioms in the book
  • Additional color idioms, their meaning, and history
  • Lesson plans to help teach idioms while exposing children to other cultures

With Flying Colors is a great resource to build language skills while having fun!

Un modismo es una frase que dice una cosa pero significa otra. Un modismo puede ser una forma rápida de decir algo complicado. Saber modismos te ayuda a entender y hablar inglés con fluidez. Este libro contiene modismos sobre colores.

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