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The Lion's Share - English Animal Idioms (Telugu-English) (Kobo eBook)

The Lion's Share - English Animal Idioms (Telugu-English) By Troon Harrison, Dmitry Fedorov, Teja Basireddy Cover Image
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“The Language Lizard Idiom books are ... a teacher’s dream come true!… #1 pick for teachers everywhere. … readers will have a whale of a time discovering new phrases and expressions, while turning pages with laughter and joy.” - Tara Brown, ESL teacher

What does it mean to let the cat out of the bag?

Why would you take a bull by the horns?

Idioms can be confusing, but they help you to understand English and are a lot of fun to learn!

With clever multicultural illustrations, literal translations of the idioms, meanings in 2 languages, and English example sentences, The Lion’s Share explains common animal idioms in a way that makes them easy to understand. It's a perfect book to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students.

The Lion's Share includes bonus material to support English language learners and promote culturally responsive teaching, such as links to:

  • English audio of the book
  • Information about the history of the idioms in the book
  • Additional animal idioms, their meaning, and history
  • Lesson plans to help teach idioms while exposing children to other cultures

The Lion’s Share is a great resource to build language skills while having fun!

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